Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ask the Magicial Question

Yahoo Japan Auction
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There are a few ways to persuade sellers to post to you internationally. However there is no guarantee that the sellers will oblige.

Anyway, please test out the methods that i am going to teach you.

  1. Check out what's your country name in Japanese Language
    Use any translation tool. It will translate properly.
    I recommend www.excite.co.jp/world
    USA = 米国
    UK = イギリス
    Holland = オランダ

  2. Now insert the translated country name into the blank.
    私は___________に住んでいます。EMS発送での海外お取引は可能ですか?また可能な場合、EMS発送での送料はいくらくらいになりますか?私は日本円を現金書留で支払うことができます。どうぞご検討下さい。有難うございました 。
    私はイギリスに住んでいます。EMS発送での海外お取引は可能ですか?また可能な場合、EMS発送での送料はいくらくらいになりますか?私は日本円を現金書留で支払うことができます。どうぞご検討下さい。有難うございました 。

  3. Make sure you are fully registered as Premier member!
    If not, please check out the post!

  4. Now make sure you are log in.
    Copy and Paste the whole paragraph into the Q & A column as described in the picture!
    And Click SUBMIT

  5. Next, you will be directed to a Confirmation Page
    Please click the LEFT button.
    You may view this picture for clearer picture.
    Your question is sent to the seller!
    Just wait for his/her reply!
    It will be sent to your registered email once there is a reply.

  6. Once the seller replies, please Copy and Paste the reply
    into the translation website and see what it means.
    The translated text might be confusing, BUT just get the key point!
    You will know if seller agrees to your request.
If seller refuses????
What am i suppose to do?
Rest assured!
I will cover details in my next post....
So in the meantime, just play around with the Q & A

Stay Tune!
Yahoo Japan Auction

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A page not to miss!

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Familarize with the auction page to assist your bidding!
However, please do not try to bid yet.

Some sellers might not accept your bids as they refuse international shipping.
You have seek their permission to ship internationally.
In the next post, you will learn how to ask the seller.
It is a technique that is not revealed or taught to you, so
stay tune for my next post!

Yahoo Japan Auction

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yahoo Japan Auction & Ebay? Secret Revealed

Yahoo Japan Auction
What differentiates Yahoo Japan Auction[YJA] and Ebay?
Why should you bid at YJA and go through hassles understanding Japanese?

The Reasons:
  1. The fraudulent cases in YJA is less often as in Ebay.
    I believe you might have heard or/and experienced fradulent EBAY cases before.
    As for me, for the past one year of active trading in YJA, i have not met any case in YJA.
    FYI, i have few thousand transactions in YJA per year.

  2. As mentioned in my 1st post, the quality and exclusive product you can find in YJA.

  3. This is a TRADE SECRET, and you are to get it here only.
    Japanese is rather confined to their own country trading without understanding how their products pricing
    can fetch outside their region.
    Many traders purchased items from YJA and reap a handsome 20% - 50% profit off at Ebay or
    their local communities.
Please remember to bookmark this site and there will be more "insider" tips
Yahoo Japan Auction

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How to Register on Yahoo Japan?

Yahoo Japan Auction will charge around USD 2 to your credit card!

Click here to download step by step guide

Please refer to the pictures and input the details as stated.
Picture 1: Register as a normal user. Remember your ID and PW
Picture 2: Confirmation of your account
Picture 3: You will be redirect to your " My Auction page" & Click this link
Picture 4: This is to confirm your email. Click the button
Picture 5: Click the button and check your mail box.
Picture 6: You will receive email like this. Click the link to confirm.
Picture 7: Proceed to another step.
Picture 8: Click on the link to enter your credit card details.
Picture 9: Agree to Yahoo Term and Condition
Picture 10: Enter your password
Picture 11: Enter your credit card details! Submit!

Take note, some of fields require Japanese name and character.
What you need to do is:
  1. Visit the translation website - http://www.excite.co.jp/world
  2. Input your name and translate
    If your name is david, please input " David "
    Eg: David = デヴィッド
  3. So whenever the fields need Japanese Character, just insert デヴィッド into it!
" Can you bid for the item now?"
Strictly NO!!!!
There are rules to play this Japanese game!
Stay tune for the next upcoming post to understand how japanese conduct Auction
It will be eye catching!
Yahoo Japan Auction

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Yahoo Japan Auction a.k.a Yahoo!オークション

You must be thinking, hey, i do not understand Japanese Language,
and how am i going to place a bid in Yahoo Japan Auction?
* Note, i'm not going to teach you Japanese Language *

Here, i will show you ways and tips to get things around in Yahoo Japan Auction.
Prior to that, please enquiped yourself with these free tools:
  1. Ensure your PC is compatible with viewing Japanese Language.
    For PC users, please visit
    Microsoft to download the required tools.
    XP users :
    Click here
    Win 98 users:
    Click here
    For Mac users, language support comes with your original installation disc.

  2. Ensure you have the right and bookmark the translation tool
    I strongly recommend
    Excite Japan webpage translator because they are Japanese based
    translation website. Who knows Japanese language than a Japanese website right?
    However, if you would like to translate word text, try this
    Excite Japan text translations.

  3. Ensure that your local timing is synchronized with Japan time.
    Remember that Japan time is AHEAD of U.S. time.
    Be careful when attempting to "snipe."
Please be sure to get ready these tools before the next post....

Yahoo Japan Auction

Yahoo Japan Auction - Best Auction Market?

From statistics and even common sense, Japanese has probably the highest spending power people in the world. Therefore, when people are willing to buy, then there must be people willing to sell which constitute the HUGE market.

What's more, Japanese products are highly sought after.
Anime, Manga, electronic products, DVD, fashion, Toys, Hobbies!
They have the best quality products with the best packaging.
Take for instance,
  1. Would you rather buy a Hyundai car or a Toyota?
  2. Would you rather buy a similar diecast collectibles from Takara or Hasbro?
  3. Would you rather buy a hello Kitty from China or Japan?
If you are quality-focus buyer, you would choose from Japan right?

It's obvious that Japan has protrayed an image of "Great Product FACTORY"!
In this blog, I will cover a lot of Yahoo Japan Auction where you would never thought of.

Be ready to fire!

Yahoo Japan Auction