Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ask the Magicial Question

Yahoo Japan Auction
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There are a few ways to persuade sellers to post to you internationally. However there is no guarantee that the sellers will oblige.

Anyway, please test out the methods that i am going to teach you.

  1. Check out what's your country name in Japanese Language
    Use any translation tool. It will translate properly.
    I recommend www.excite.co.jp/world
    USA = 米国
    UK = イギリス
    Holland = オランダ

  2. Now insert the translated country name into the blank.
    私は___________に住んでいます。EMS発送での海外お取引は可能ですか?また可能な場合、EMS発送での送料はいくらくらいになりますか?私は日本円を現金書留で支払うことができます。どうぞご検討下さい。有難うございました 。
    私はイギリスに住んでいます。EMS発送での海外お取引は可能ですか?また可能な場合、EMS発送での送料はいくらくらいになりますか?私は日本円を現金書留で支払うことができます。どうぞご検討下さい。有難うございました 。

  3. Make sure you are fully registered as Premier member!
    If not, please check out the post!

  4. Now make sure you are log in.
    Copy and Paste the whole paragraph into the Q & A column as described in the picture!
    And Click SUBMIT

  5. Next, you will be directed to a Confirmation Page
    Please click the LEFT button.
    You may view this picture for clearer picture.
    Your question is sent to the seller!
    Just wait for his/her reply!
    It will be sent to your registered email once there is a reply.

  6. Once the seller replies, please Copy and Paste the reply
    into the translation website and see what it means.
    The translated text might be confusing, BUT just get the key point!
    You will know if seller agrees to your request.
If seller refuses????
What am i suppose to do?
Rest assured!
I will cover details in my next post....
So in the meantime, just play around with the Q & A

Stay Tune!
Yahoo Japan Auction

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A page not to miss!

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Familarize with the auction page to assist your bidding!
However, please do not try to bid yet.

Some sellers might not accept your bids as they refuse international shipping.
You have seek their permission to ship internationally.
In the next post, you will learn how to ask the seller.
It is a technique that is not revealed or taught to you, so
stay tune for my next post!

Yahoo Japan Auction